About Me

Your guess is as good as mine...

But, perhaps I should take this seriously.
Yes, that is me. I know, shocker.
I am many things:

  • a Christian (yes, indeed, one of those "born-agains")
  • an English teacher through and through
  • a reader to the core
  • a sometimes-writer
  • a terrible poet
  • a self-doubter
  • a cynic
  • an optimist
  • a missionary "kid"
I like to laugh--and I usually laugh at myself.

I enjoy the combination a good cup of coffee, a long book, a comfy couch, a cozy quilt, and a rainy day more than is humanly acceptable.

I am a loquacious introvert, that rare breed who will gladly talk your ear off, and then will have to go hide in their room for a week to recuperate.

Please enjoy my musings, my muddlings through life, and my mockery.