Thursday, March 24, 2016

You Won't Believe What This Post Is About...

Current Pet Peeves - in no particular order:

1) People who think it's cool to make their left turn as you are still driving through the intersection.

2) Actresses whose hair grows ridiculously fast in TV shows. From Pixie to shoulder length in one season. Really, Veep? (Also, is it bad to admit I watch Veep?) It took me, ordinary human being, three-and-half-years to go from pixie to shoulder length.

3) TV shows with laugh tracks. *pause for canned laughter* Isn't that, like, so 1990? (I'm looking at you, Fuller House)

4) My feet that keep getting hurt in some weird way when I try to start running (regularly) again, and set me back another week or two because I'm too scared to run. No, my shoes aren't worn out. Yes, I'm stretching. No, I'm not pushing myself too hard. I got this. Except, I don't, obviously.

5) Facebook statuses that try to guilt you into commenting on them. After reading this blog post, please put a 1-word answer in the comments to remind me of where we first met. We'll see how many people actually read my blog posts carefully, or who just scroll through. Hah-hah! Gotcha! (No offense intended towards my FB friends who post these things...I just find them a bit silly - like the "Forwarded Emails" of the days of yore that encouraged people to forward their email or else Jesus might not save them or something. Because that how Jesus works, as we all know. It's in 3 Hezekiah 12:52.)

6) Sentences that don't end in punctuation

7) sentences that don't have capital letters

8) Being told by an 11-year old girl to hurry up through my directions so that she can use the bathroom.

9) The fact that I let myself get bothered by an 11-year old girl.

10) Headlines on articles that don't tell you what the article is about: "You'll never believe what this person found when they opened their front door..." It's just really bad journalism.

That's all for now, folks.