Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Taking Stock"

I'm trying a little writing exercise to try and jog the writer's block out of my head. Thanks to Elizabeth at for the idea. I really like her blog - check it out!

"Taking Stock"

Making...Summer plans and lists (warning - summer is probably going to be a big theme of this post).

Cooking...Not much of anything these days. But, I am hoping to try out some new recipes, you guessed it, this summer.

Drinking...Coffee. I've held out all school year from drinking coffee during the school day, but I finally broke down for these last few weeks of school!

Eating...Trader Joe's Mac and Cheese. Oh. My. Word. It should be illegal.

Reading...Not much for "pleasure" recently, but I just finished reading Dante's Inferno with my 10th grade, and really enjoyed it (No, I've never read it, which is probably terrible as an English major). I haven't even allowed myself to make a summer reading list yet - too tempting!

Watching...Crash Course World History videos. These help to make history, well, fun and engaging. Something I haven't really done a good job of this year. I also recently watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Ah-Maz-ing. (Caution: once you start, you can't stop, so make sure you have an open schedule before beginning these.)

Wanting...More motivation and more hours in a day. Is that too much to ask for??

Praying...For God's will and direction in my life. Ah! Why is being a grown-up so hard! This was not what was advertised!

Looking...At all my Class of '10 students college graduation pictures on Facebook. I'm so proud!

Playing...Who has time for playing?

Wasting...Time by writing this post instead of grading the two sets tests I want to get graded by Wednesday! (And please, no snide remarks about assigning the tests...I had to do it!)

Wishing...That I had the answers to some hard questions.

Enjoying...Having my mom here! She's here for 3 weeks for my brother's college graduation.

Mowing...My lawn for the first time with a manual mower. I felt simultaneously old-fashioned and like a hipster (which is basically the same thing, of course).

Waiting...For Thursday, when my mom and I drive to Southern Illinois for Ben's graduation!


Wondering...About my future.

Hoping...To start running regularly again once school is out. And, hopefully do some biking, as well. If you could please not hold me to either of these things, that would be great.

Marveling...That my identity is not in me, in my own works, in my own accomplishments, but in Christ. Wow. I'm also marveling that I need to be reminded of this again, and again - that I consistently forget where my "worth" is from.

Needing... 1) a massage 2) a magical grading fairy.

Smelling...Like Bath and Body Works "Sweet Pea" body spray. I was so thrilled the other day when the checkout girl at Home Depot complimented me on my on my scent - mostly because I hadn't showered that day (too much information?).

Wearing...These adorable criss-cross taupe/nude sandals from Target (nude is the new black, people). They go with EVERYTHING. Yes, I'm aware that I'm shouting.

Noticing...That birds start sing around 4:00 in the morning, and I don't like it.

Knowing...That there are less than 3 weeks of school left (and wondering if I can not unravel before then!)

Thinking...About what I could have done differently this school year.

Reflecting...On God's grace.

Bookmarking...Creative teaching Pins. Thank you, Pinterest!

Opening...My grading folder after writing this post.

Giggling...Over my 7th graders; I like them.

Feeling...Exhilarated about seeing so many dear friends and family members in just a few days!