Thursday, November 26, 2015

Situational Pet Peeves II

Current Pet Peeves:
*cough* *cough* *pulls out soapbox*

10. The KFC commercials. That Colonel Sanders. I can't even.
Nothing makes me not want to eat greasy, fast food fried chicken like that horrible, horrible man on those commercials. Boy, did the marking firm for KFC read this particular millennial wrong.

9. The expression "I can't even." I know I just used it, but it still bugs me. I think it bugs me because I keep using it, even though I don't like it.

8. Calling someone your "bestie."*

7. Calling someone your "bae."

6. Stores that open at 3:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day. Or earlier. Or on Thanksgiving Day at all.

5. Verizon's latest promo: "Thanksgetting." I'm so glad I don't have Verizon as a phone carrier, and if I did, I would seriously consider changing my service.

4. #hashtags. #hashtags in general, but especially when people make up hashtags that will never, ever, ever be a part of a search (which is the original purpose of hashtags). You think you're being clever, but you're not. You're just contributing to the general destruction of the English language as we know it, but that's okay. Keep hashtaging away. #ihatepeoplewhomakeupridiculouslylonghashtagsandthinktheyrebeingfunnybuttheyrenottheyrejustlongandimpossibletoread

3. People who assume that if 1 person in a million people fleeing a war torn region is a terrorist than many of that same ethnic and religious group are probably terrorists, or at least likely to be one. I know I'm oversimplying the issue, but the xenophobia in our nation scares me. Like, the same way that Hitler scares me.

2. Leggings as pants.*
This still irks me. It always will. So it's probably not a situation pet peeve anymore, but it's Fall, and so leggings-as-pants always rears (pun intended) its ugly head right about now. *shudder*

1. Donald Trump.

*drops mic*

*Repeat pet peeves.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Untitled (No, really, I don't have a pithy name for this post)



Yeah, it's been a while.

Almost 3 months.

I know. I know. Stop looking at me like that!

Life has just been...overwhelming. It's hard to put my finger on one particular thing that has changed from this year to last year that makes me feel a bit more overwhelmed and a bit less blog-y. Mostly, I am not a "I'm-in-a-dreary-mood-I-feel-like-writing" kind of writer, at least in public. In fact, when I feel dreary I don't even really keep a journal or a diary because I get more depressed (yes, I'm weird). I'm a "I'm-happy-and-chipper-right-now-I-feel-like-writing" kind of writer. It's not that I've been all dreary for two and half months, I've just not been...quite inspired enough to write. I like writing. A lot. But I'm not very good at writing when I don't feel like it. Which is why I'll never be a real writer.

(Another reason I'll probably never be a real writer is my over-use of stylistic sentence fragments, but whatever Dr. Bressler, I'm not in your Advanced Composition class anymore, and I can use all the stylistic fragments I want because it's my blog. Sheesh.)

So what's been going on the past two and half  months? Well, wouldn't you like to know. Oh. You would. That's probably why you're reading this.

School has been going on. This year has been smoother for me, personally. For the most part, my classes are manageable. In general, my classes are all pretty good (if I were superstitious, I would have to knock on wood right now). I have all Language Arts this year, including 2 GT sections. I am NOT teaching Tech Ed which is wonderful (did I ever mention how Tech Ed. was the absolute bane of my existence?). I really only have one difficult section , which is pretty amazing, actually (ironically, it's one of my GT sections...?).

Tensions are running a bit high as I write this, here on the day before our short Thanksgiving break. When you teach in a high poverty school, behaviors often increase before holidays because our students are subconsciously (or consciously) reacting to the fact that they won't have all the things that make a holiday. Also, they're kids at their core, so they're tired of school and the teachers are tired of school, and so we're all a little cranky together.

But it's almost Thanksgiving, for which I am thankful not so much for the delicious dinner in the offing, but the delicious 2-school-days-off.

Grad school has also been going on. It's actually been a stimulating experience so far, and while I don't really feel like I have my grad-school-legs yet (it's a thing. I just made up), I am glad I took on this enterprise. It's not super-duper hard, but it's also not super-duper easy. I'm taking Multi-Cultural American Literature, and it's been good to challenge a lot of my...underlying assumptions. We read a lot of difficult texts - difficult in the sense of the context - and it's been good to stretch my academic brain, not just my educator brain. I love, love, love, love, love, love - did I mention that I love - taking a class that does not require me to write lesson plans? Oh man. I hate taking classes where I have to write lesson plans. I also enjoy the fact that it's a face-to-face class and not an online course. Our class is large (22 students) which is really large for a discussion based class, and I can't really get a word in edgewise (which will probably effect my grade, but whatever). One irony is that our class is Multicultural American Literature, and it is literally 23 white people sitting around in a circle discussing these texts written by people of color. It's been a good space to have some challenging conversations, but it's also sort of hilarious to watch because really, we know not of what we speak. I am probably the most multicultural person in the room, but I keep that under wraps because it's just too complicated.

I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving. Take some time before the tryptophan kicks in to give thanks for the good things in your lives. And give thanks for the challenges. I know they're there for a reason. I keep wondering when God will have decided that my character is shaped enough and I can just have an easy school year...but I am learning, here in my wise old age of 30 that my character is never going to be shaped enough...that I'm always going to need a lot of sanding down of those rough edges of impatience and irritation and pettiness and anger and other ugly things in my character that keep rearing their ugly heads.

I do wish I could mix a few more metaphors for you, but I've got to get to school.

Happy Thanksgiving!